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The Christmas Wrap

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse. The stockings were hung on the mantel with care. My little Golden, named St. Nicholas, was asleep under the chair. As I wrapped his first squeaky toy in red tissue and then meticulously covered it […]

Dad’s Thanksgiving Gratitude Blog

Thanksgiving had been on my mind since Morgan and I drove by the town of Plymouth on our way to Nana and Grampy’s Cape Cod house. Last year Morgan got to write the Thanksgiving blog so this year it’s Dad’s turn. Click here to see Morgan’s blog: http://rescuedbygoldens.com/2013/11/morgans-thanksgiving-gratitude-list/ I’m very grateful for my family, my partner […]

Labor Day: Let’s Honor Working Dogs, Too

Back in the 90’s, I began to have serious sinus infections that punctured my ears drums and soon I lost most of my hearing. At that time I was living alone in a house in a forest of Redwood trees above the Russian River.  If the phone rang I couldn’t hear it. If someone came […]

Happy Birthday Morgan

  August 16th is the day that we celebrate Morgan’s birthday. We don’t know whether that’s really the day he was born. It might have been. As many of you already know, Morgan’s a rescue and that’s the day that we drove him home with us in the back seat of my pick-up. The rescue […]

Morgan asks, “Was it Sirius?”

  Have you ever heard someone refer to the heat in August as the “dog days of summer?” Well at first, I thought it meant that August was so hot that us dogs (and probably cats, too) just laid around the house or in the back yard all day and did nothing. Too lazy and […]

Hot Cats On a Bun

It’s Morgan here and I’m having a “Grand Old” time here in San Francisco for the summer. As some readers know, we live in Palm Springs where it’s 108 today so to escape the heat we drive north to San Francisco every June where Mark Twain once wrote, “The coldest winter I ever spent was […]

How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Vacation

It’s June and the weather is heating up – well it’s been hot here in Palm Springs for some time but I know for the rest of the country it’s been a cold long winter. But as the Beatles sang – “Here Comes the Sun.” We’ve been planning our summer vacation for months. We’re heading […]

Come Back as a Golden Retriever

I can’t tell you how many times someone has watched the way I treated my Golden Retriever and said to me “I want to comeback as your Golden.” It makes me laugh but there’s a lot of truth to it, too. I confess I do treat my pet better than I treat other people. I’m […]

Does your dog sleep on the bed?

Recently, I posted a Facebook photo of Morgan on the bed. It was captioned as Do you let your dog on  the bed? It generated the most comments that I’d ever gotten. So I decided it warranted a blog of its own. As a boy I can remember my grandmother always trying to keep their Yellow […]