A Year in the Life of Franklin

My sweet Goldens Franklin and Morgan will always be indelibly linked to one another. James and I were deep in distress after we lost our boy Morgan, a year ago February. We really didn’t know how to move forward.

Morgan had been unable to walk for the last year and a half of his life. But as everyone knows we were committed to him until the very end. However, if the truth be told, even though we loved Morgan with all our hearts, we now longed to have a dog that could run and fetch and take hikes. I mean summer on Cape Cod is synonymous with Goldens and Labs.

We knew we had to rise above our emotions, at least temporarily, to contact rescue groups. But there were no Goldens to adopt anywhwere. The abandoned dogs coming from Asia were not allowed into the country due to COVID restrictions. That was just another disappointment.

When I shared my feelings with my friend Lisa in Florida, who worked for a foundation that trained Goldens to be service animals, she asked, “What does your gut say?” I told her it was too soon for me. I wasn’t yet ready to move on from Morgan, in the way that James was. After another week passed, on March 2nd, Lisa sent me a photo and said, “Dan, this is Franklin. A six-year-old who needs a forever home.”

We both fell in love with him instantly. We thought he looked so much like Morgan’s old buddy Cody, a cream-colored Golden. I felt like we knew Franklin already. James was immediately on board with adopting him. Me, not so quickly. Even though I felt bad that Franklin did not have a forever home, I didn’t want to forget Morgan. After a few more days, I looked at Franklin’s picture and my heart melted and my resistance along with it. I realized if we didn’t act on Franklin we might lose the opportunity for him.

It was with great expectations when on March 23rd, Lisa pulled her SUV into our driveway with Franklin in the back seat pressing against the window. I admit, we were a little nervous. Would he like us? Franklin jumped out of the SUV and raced inside the house through the side door. It was an instant match. How could we have gotten this beautifully handsome Golden boy named Franklin? It just didn’t seem possible. I remember some of my Facebook friends saying that Morgan had sent him to us. Well, if he did, he did it spectacularly.

It’s been a year now and it feels as though Franklin has always been with us. He loves to swim. He can even beat James in a race for the ball. We’ve taken him on field trips to Boston. He’s become quite cultured, having been to the Institute of Contemporary Art three times. The other day he asked for a black French beret. Then we took him to Provincetown for his first visit. People rushed to pet him as we walked down Commercial Street. With his celebrity status he was given the keys to the city.

One of my favorite things about Franklin is his ability to walk backwards. I’m not kidding. He’s like Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk. I’d never seen a dog do this. The other night we attended our niece’s play. There were eight of us and we all sat in the same row. At intermission everyone got up for some air except my parents. Franklin walked down the narrow row to see them. As my family returned to their seats Franklin wasn’t able to turn around so he just walked backwards all the way to the aisle. I couldn’t believe it. That’s not an easy task to learn. And he does it with such ease. It makes me laugh.

There could be no better antidote for my feeling of loss for Morgan than Franklin’s big goofy smile and his antics. As you can tell I’m quite smitten with Franklin. But I will forever be grateful for the amazing life I had with Morgan and the memories of all our adventures.

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  1. joni Cipollone
    joni Cipollone says:

    I love Franklin’s story. He certainly had big paws to fill and he seems to have done that very well. I’m so happy you love him to pieces. Morgan would be proud of you, Dan ♥️

  2. June Kaufman
    June Kaufman says:

    That’s awesome that Lisa drove all that way with Franklin. You see, I realize y’all miss Morgan but Franklin evidentally was meant to be with you guys !!!
    Glad to hear y’all are able to get out & explore. I will tell you I got a hoot you saying Franklin walks backward.
    I’m certain Morgan will lay deep down inside you forever. I know my handsome Jesse will remain in mine (16 years I had him).

  3. Paula Smith
    Paula Smith says:

    That was so touching I love your story because I’m a golden retriever lover I still miss my golden retriever every day and thanks for sharing your stories ❤️

  4. Rick Peard
    Rick Peard says:

    That was beautifully written, Dan. I could feel your sadness about Morgan. And I could feel the happiness from Franklin. Life can be such a roller-coaster of emotions.
    May Franklin continue to give you joy, while you still keep the fond memories of Morgan.

  5. Bill Hronek
    Bill Hronek says:

    What an awesome story about getting Franklin & knowing that Morgan probably had some help in making this awesome match! So happy for you all in this new match of dads & their Franklin & the smiles that Morgan must be having in Dog Heaven about the 3 of you right now!

  6. Stephen Perkins
    Stephen Perkins says:

    Another pithy sweet segment from you, Dan. Thanks again (and Tiffany thanks you, Morgan and Franklin too, for bringing back majestic, raucous, indelible memories of our time together).

  7. Lisa Quetti
    Lisa Quetti says:

    I love this post so much! I am so so happy that you and Franklin are
    such a perfect match. I remember our weekend together so fondly. So neat to hear that he backs up so well! We teach them to back up from a young age. Good boy Franklin!❤️

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      Good morning Lisa. So glad you like this post. I thought you might have taught him to walk backwards. It’s quire a remarkable feat. And with him being so big it really helps. Thank you. He’s definitely is a good boy.

  8. Dawn Arsenault
    Dawn Arsenault says:

    So eloquently written, I enjoyed every minute,You explained perfectly the love,loss and emotion of grief and went on to honour Morgan in the exact way he would have wanted.So happy You were blessed to find each other,you were meant to be family,Franklin found an amazing forever after!!!

  9. Dawn Arsenault
    Dawn Arsenault says:

    So eloquently written,I loved every minute.You explained perfectly the love,loss and emotions of grief and went on to honour Morgan in the exact way he would have wanted you to.So happy you were blessed to find each other, you were meant to be af family.Franklin found an amazing happy ever after!!!

  10. Barbara Husbands
    Barbara Husbands says:

    I always have felt the dog we lost sent us our new one. We always rescue and have loved each one soo much♥️❤️♥️❤️

  11. Regina Turner
    Regina Turner says:

    A true love story. I believe with all my heart that our Golden angels send us a new baby handpicked by them. After all who would know our hearts and souls better? I am so happy you, James, and Franklin found each other. I wish you many years of love and adventures with that sweet boy. ❤

  12. Mary Ann Harris
    Mary Ann Harris says:

    I was so impressed with this celebration for Franklin that I had to print it out to keep with myy other memories that I have of Morgan and Franklin. This is very special to me.. Maybe it’s because I have a Golden too and he means the world to meand all of his unique traits. Thank you for the post.

  13. Susan mahoney
    Susan mahoney says:

    My heart is overwhelmed reading about your journey and Franklin coming into your lives. I miss my golden girls so much but feel connected to your life as I can’t have a fur baby now due to health issues.

  14. Barb Gulbish
    Barb Gulbish says:

    Guys Morgan definitely sentFranklin , because he had such deep love for his two Daddy’s that gave him
    And incredible life ! Morgan didn’t want u morning too long ! He set it all perfectly ! You have touched by Angel Morgan!! Enjoy ur lives it was meant to
    Be !! Loved reading ur blog!!

  15. Sara Kaynor
    Sara Kaynor says:

    I know the pain of losing our precious Goldens having lost two but i also know the joy of a new Golden furiend. Our hearts expand with each one. I could not be happier for all three of you!

  16. Claudia cadotte
    Claudia cadotte says:

    Reading this in the beginning I so related to how you felt Dan,regarding missing Morgan. After our yellow lab Jazzmin passed the end of 2019(she was a 16 years old and also couldn’t walk for the last year and a bit. I didn’t think I was ready for a dog,we got Yoshi a border collie rescue ,I liked her but it took a couple of months to love her to bits like I do. The one thing you always have to remember is how very lucky you were to have had Morgan,he was a wonderful gift and no doubt he knew you needed a lovely dog, once again, in Franklin (I’m sure that’s why he fit in so well .) Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish your little family many many many happy years together ❤️

  17. Julie Bowman
    Julie Bowman says:

    What a wonderful story! I know the feeling well as we now have our third golden they mean so much to us, a love like no other.

  18. Kris Sirvinskas
    Kris Sirvinskas says:

    I love that he can do the moonwalk . He was meant for you both. I know how hard it is to lose your furbaby. We lost our Sweet Shadow and my heart was just shattered, within 2 months I had joined Golden Rescue of South Florida and they send us Charlie and we knew he was meant to be, his parents were both Akc named “Shadow “ so I do believe My Sweet Shadow sent Charlie to us ♥️, FYI I rescued another Golden from a bad situation and her Birthday is the same as mine! Sometimes they send us a ‘Love tap’ that we didn’t think we needed. Franklin is so lucky that Morgan knew you had room in your hearts. Thank God for special humans like you. Golden Love !

  19. Ann Minahgan
    Ann Minahgan says:

    So loved reading this blog Dan. I kno the scar of missing Mirgan & I kno the joy you share & feel with Franklin. The loss is something profound & we only find a way thru it & when love paws come into our lives again the scar feels less heartache a bit. Kusses Franklin you are exactly where you are meant to be sweet boy, in a home filled with love joy & adventures!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Casey Criste
    Casey Criste says:

    Dan, you are truly a cream-puff! I know you and know how you would miss Morgan. I think Franklin is truly a great asset to your family. He’s truly blessed to have you and James for parents. God love you one and all.

  21. Sandra Peck
    Sandra Peck says:

    This warmed my heart ! I understand the loss so well , and how much they save us too. And he walks backwards ! Oh my , what a gem ! 🙂 Thank you for sharing <3


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