Could I have a Doggie Bag Please?

We’ve been lucky enough to attend several of this year’s Palm Springs International Film Festival’s events. They were buffet style where you went up and served yourself, except for the meat selection. For that there was a server slicing the meat at a station.
When at home I don’t eat meat very often and my diet selection impacts what Morgan eats. Because of this, whenever we go out to a restaurant I always ask for a doggie bag and bring a treat home for him.
At the Film Festival luncheon, I approached the meat slicer and honestly told him that I wanted a few extra pieces for my dog. Without hesitation, he obliged. When I got back to my table and wrapped up the meat in several napkins and stuffed it in my sport coat, the woman sitting next to me looked at me oddly like she couldn’t believe that I would do such a thing. In fact, when I realized that lunch was about over I went back up for seconds (for Morgan) and the gentleman slicing the meat asked me if I would like it cut into smaller pieces. I told him thank you, that would be nice. And that I would tell my dog about him. He chuckled. When I got back to our table and wrapped up the meat again, the same woman next to me said, “I’m going up there to get some for my dog.” I told her to hurry before they took it away. When she returned, she wrapped up her stash and gently placed it in her purse. Then she took out her phone and showed me a picture of her Jack Russell and said, “He’s going to be so surprised.”
Do you bring food home from restaurants for your babies? Tell Morgan about a funny doggie bag story that you have.

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  1. Kathy Barnes
    Kathy Barnes says:

    This is so very funny. I loved it. We always bring home the leftovers when we go out to eat for our fur babies. Thank you for sharing Dan. I can just picture this in my mind and think that this is exactly what I would do.

  2. Julie Bowman
    Julie Bowman says:

    We have not brought food home for Riley but we should! We did go to a restaurant with a dog menu and Riley was dining with us. We loved it!

  3. Judith
    Judith says:

    Loved this dog tail and had a good laugh! We don’t bring food home for Alvin unless dog food is served, and how often does that happen?

  4. Jody
    Jody says:

    Yes we always do. One time no one had clothes on with pockets and I didn’t bring my purse so we had the left over meat wrapped up in several napkins on the table. In between taking turns going to the bathroom before we left the server came and cleared the table without us realizing she took the napkin of meat. When we got back to the house the dogs were visibly stunned that no treats came home for them when we clearly smelled like we had been at a restaurant!

  5. Jody
    Jody says:

    We went to Golden Corral for dinner and it clearly says you’re not allowed a doggie bag as it’s a buffet. We brought in a ziplock bag anyway and discreetly dropped pieces into it and placed it in my purse. We felt guilty about breaking the rules and mentioned it to the server who then informed us that that once you’ve paid for a meal you can buy any additional food to take out at $1.99/lb!!! Not worth trying to sneak anything out!

  6. Susan Vieck
    Susan Vieck says:

    Amos, collie, and Zena, golden, are super thrilled when we bring home treats. Once as I was leaving the restaurant, the young waiter comes running after me. I’d forgotten my napkin wrapped treats!! I’m sure he enjoyed his tip!!


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