My Extended Summer Vacation

I heard Dad say that the weather in Palm Springs has become mild and now he’s getting the suitcases out so I know that we’ll be heading home soon. It’s been quite an amazing few months. It all started back in June when we visited my friend Skyler the Basenji in Santa Barbara. If you can remember the summer before we weren’t able to visit Skyler because he was still injured.  It was a fun way to start our trip. Skyler and I are such great friends. I’ve known him since he was just a puppy.

Closing down a house takes a lot of preparation and packing the truck took a lot of work too. Every year the dads say we aren’t going to take as much stuff but the back of the truck is always filled to the very top. When we arrived in San Francisco it took a couple of weeks to get settled in. There wasn’t much furniture and we had a lot of shopping to do. Some of it was quite basic like getting a couch and a kitchen table. But soon the apartment took shape and it became our home for the summer.

One of the first big surprises was when I met Tuesday, Captain Luis Montalvan’s Golden Retriever, and the star of the book Until Tuesday, at the American Library Association’s conference here in San Francisco. After this my Dad took me to his alma mater, the University of San Francisco and I got to wear a graduation cap. Then there was July Fourth and the crazy get-up that Dad made me wear. I didn’t mind. He seemed to enjoy himself and I was happy to see him laugh. Whenever I do something for Dad he always takes me swimming at the dog beach at Crissy Field. Over the July Fourth holiday we went to Opera in the Ball Park again. This year we watched the Marriage of Fig-ooww-roo. That’s how I like to say it. It was a lot of fun and the singing is always exquisite. And we can walk over as the ball park is just a few blocks away.

It seems we had just settled in when we took off in a plane to Cape Cod. I didn’t mind. I’ll go to Cape Cod any time of the year. It’s like a home away from home. Just three short weeks this visit. But we got to Provincetown again and got our old room right by the bay. We swam every morning and in the early evening. I visited the famous towns of Woods Hole and Falmouth and took a hike with a new friend. It’s always nice to visit with Nana and Grampy. They’re so generous letting us use their Cape House for a whole week with my three nieces and their mom and dad.

When we got back to California we heard that a Golden Retriever had died from green algae in the Russian River. My friend Rocky’s dads weren’t letting him in the water anymore up there so we decided instead to go to Lake Tahoe, a place I’d never been before.  It’s spectacular. That water is so blue and so clear. I loved it.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods and took a hike and a swim each day.

Before we knew it the sun was lower in the sky and summer was over. Dad’s talking about “heading back down to the desert.” Now the suitcases are being packed again and we’ll be heading south this week. Please check out my photos of my summer adventure and let me know you’re favorite shot.

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  1. Kathy Barnes
    Kathy Barnes says:

    I loved the blog. But picking just one picture is almost impossible. They are all so very beautiful, but if I must choose just one it would be Tahoe Blue #21. Thank you Dan for sharing with us.

  2. Linda Eckel
    Linda Eckel says:

    It is hard to pick a favorite but I have it narrowed down to the 4th of July and where you met Tuesday. That was a pretty good book, I read it right when it came out.
    Looks likeyou had an amazing Summer. On to an even better Fall, if you can top all those adventures!

  3. Elaine Lingle
    Elaine Lingle says:

    This is Savannah theTenaciousTibetan from Facebook. I live near San Francisco, and you taught me about a special place…the Crissy Field dog beach. I am going to ask Mommy and Daddy to take me there soon!!! We have a condo at Tahoe and go there often too! I love to dig in the sand. It is hard to choose a favorite picture…we love them all. Even though Mommy loves me lots, Goldens are her fabvorite breed…

    • RBGAdmin
      RBGAdmin says:

      Thanks Savannah for your kind words. You’ll love Crissy Field. Are you on Facebook? Do you have any photos of yourself we can see? I bet you’re adorable.


  4. Jenn Mahon
    Jenn Mahon says:

    First off Im completely jealous of Morgan’s life! He had a much better summer than I. If Lady & Max could read they too would be very envious of Morgan’s adventures. It is next to impossible to choose one photo. Ive narrowed it down to a few. I love the Lincoln Steps, a Golden boy and the Golden Gate, the family photo at the opera in the ballpark and the too cute for words photo of you and Morgan in the water. The smiles on each of your faces makes me smile. All dogs should be so loved. I am clearing a spot on my shelf for a photo from next summer when we all get together in Maine. That will be my favorite, but dont hold me to it. I am a woman and I tend to change my mind like the wind. 😉 ♡

  5. Judith
    Judith says:


    Looks like you had a full summer. Very smart of you to let your dads do all the work, and you got to play. You’re very tolerant of their need to dress you in all those get-ups, but I have to admit all are very becoming. My favorite photos are July 4th, in which you look silly, and the graduation one where you look quite scholarly. Which is the real Morgan?

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      Thanks Linda. It was quite a summer. I’m both Linda. I have a serious side and a silly side. The July 4th one was fun. We tested it our ahead of time and the graduation one is something we had been planning for some time. Thanks for your comment. Hope all is well with you and your family- 2 and 4 legged ones.


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