A Fearless Thanksgiving

Many of you are familiar with some of the challenges that come when rescuing an animal. When we first picked up Morgan, our Golden, from Golden Retriever Rescue of Los Angeles, he was skin and bones and full of fear. When we brought him home he was afraid of the steps that led up to our apartment. He recoiled away frightened. We finally had to carry him up the staircase to our place. After weeks of patient training, helping him slowly put one paw after another on step after step he finally reached the landing and overcame his fear. Of course, a lot treats helped along the way.

Morgan also seemed to fear us. No matter how much we would sweet talk him he preferred to sleep hidden in the closet at night. Now at bedtime, he jumps up at the foot of the bed and insists on sleeping at our feet taking up all of the room.

In the beginning he was also afraid that we would take his food away.  He even bit me once when I tried to add something to his food while he was eating. Now he lets us move his bowl and wags his tail knowing he can expect something even better than he ever imagined.

Fear can keep us from doing things we really want to do or even keep us from being with those we care about. With Morgan it took patience, training, and love for him to overcome his many fears.

Right now our Nation is gripped by a fear which could prevent us from doing what we love or from being with those we love.  Let’s all make an effort over the Holiday to reach out to those who may be full of fear and treat them with love and compassion. And maybe even offer them a Holiday treat.

And let us all give thanks for the brave Military Men and Women and Dogs who are risking their lives to protect this great Nation and all of the good things that it stands for.   Morgan and I wish you and your families, two and four-footed ones, a Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Kathy Barnes
    Kathy Barnes says:

    Dan, you are such an awesome person and great friend. I wish you, James, and Morgan a very blessed Thanksgiving. We love you guys very much. Thanks for being such a great friend.

  2. steve
    steve says:

    Hi Dan. I really enjoyed reading that. Nice post. Simple. Kind. Poignant. Not too preachy. Scenes you can imagine in your head without ever needing to be there to witness it. Nice job.

  3. Jennifer Mahon
    Jennifer Mahon says:

    I read your blog at just the right time. The news had just come on announcing travel warnings. I shared this news with my oldest sister who works for the USDA and is traveling to New Mexivo for work next week. She’s concerned but we both agreed we cant let the terrorists win. We live in a great country with many freedoms others only wish to have. You have a way with words Dan and Im so happy I happened upon Rescued by Goldens and have gotten to know you, James and Morgan. I proudly display my car magnet of a dog paw with the words “Who Rescued Who?” Its a daily reminder of the love our dogs have bestowed upon us. From our little family to yours, heres hoping you have a great holiday.

  4. Rachel Rosenbaum
    Rachel Rosenbaum says:

    Hi Dan,
    This is such a beautifully written message. I always love reading your blog. I’m sad to know that Morgan was once so fearful and skinny, but elated that he is now so happy and well adjusted. Wishing you and James and Morgan a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Rachel Rosenbaum

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      Thanks Rachel for the kind words. Morgan and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving hike and now we’re all up in San Francisco enjoying the Christmas decorations.
      Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday.



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