Morgan’s Thanksgiving Gratitude List


Hello everyone. Morgan here and I’m writing this week’s blog as Dan is busy with his family. We’re “Back East” in New England where the Thanksgiving tradition first began a long time ago. The rain has stopped and it’s cold today and the blustery wind makes it feel even wintrier. The first thing I’m grateful for this holiday is that my fur has grown back out from the summer haircut. Nana says I look like a bear now. Grandpa took me out for a long walk this afternoon and I wasn’t even that cold. I could have stayed out all afternoon though I’m not really a big fan of the wind. We went to a park down the street and it looks so strange for the trees not to have any leaves. I heard everyone talking about snow flurries but so far it’s a clear day.

Morgan Quincy Hill CU 2 (2)

Last night my uncle came over to the house with his three little girls. They were so loud and kept touching me on my head and my tail. Dan kept me close by his side to keep everyone safe. I really like our nieces but the second thing I’m grateful for is that I don’t live with little girls. They make so much noise. I was glad when it was time for them to leave and go to bed and the house got quiet again.

This morning I read in the Boston Globe that “mock turkey” was first introduced for vegetarians in 1894 by Ella Kellogg – yes, the wife of the father of corn flakes. Even though turkey can potentially be harmful to dogs I’m grateful that our home serves the real thing and that there is always leftovers for the next day. I always get a little bit. I’m grateful for the sweet potatoes, too. They’re one of my favorite.

Morgan Quincy Hill CU

I’m grateful that I was born a Golden Retriever. Not that I have anything against other breeds. All dogs are people, too. I’m grateful I’m so handsome. At least that’s what everyone always tells me.

On a serious note –I’m grateful I was rescued that day 5 years ago. And that I went to a good home where I am loved and taken care of.  My Thanksgiving wish is that all the homeless pets find their forever homes soon.

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