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Thanksgiving had been on my mind since Morgan and I drove by the town of Plymouth on our way to Nana and Grampy’s Cape Cod house. Last year Morgan got to write the Thanksgiving blog so this year it’s Dad’s turn. Click here to see Morgan’s blog:

I’m very grateful for my family, my partner and my country. But I want to focus on my gratitude for Morgan. It’s obvious from all the pictures I take of him that I adore him.  I felt the same way about my first two dogs, as well. But I’ve been trying to decide what it is that makes him unique from them.

Many of you are aware that Morgan was a rescue, and a damaged one at that. But from the get-go I knew he had a lot of love in him despite his problematic behavior. You can read the story about the first night we brought him home on the Rescued by Goldens web site:  We nicknamed him our little Terror-Dactyl and referred to him as a Jekyll and Hyde.

Thankfully, life with Morgan is now calmer. Often people comment about his smile. It fills me with wonder at how a creature who has had such a rough start can have such a joyous beam on his face all the time. I’m so grateful that I get to see that smile every day. Morgan what’s your secret? Can you teach Dad how to do it? Especially when driving in traffic?

Because of Morgan’s fear of other dogs, we learned that the best time to get him out and exercised was early in the morning when no other dogs were around. Now, it’s part of our everyday routine.  Whether we’re on Cape Cod or in San Francisco or home in Palm Springs we’re out the door before sunrise. So we get to see the morning beauty of Craigville Beach on Cape Cod or dawn at Ocean Beach in San Francisco when no one else is there. Even this morning in Palm Springs, to witness the crimson red glow on the San Jacinto Mountains before the noise of the leaf blowers – What a gift! I wouldn’t have this without Morgan. I have to admit that some mornings I just don’t want to get out of bed at that hour. I resist until I see his sweet face looking up at me with those bright brown eyes and goofy grin.

There’s a lot of discussion about ways to get a dog. Either from a breeder or a rescue group. Morgan has offered me the chance to rescue an animal. He’s my first rescue and I am grateful to him. Morgan has also given me the opportunity to thank the Golden Retriever breed for rescuing me. My way of saying thank you to man and woman’s best friend.

Please share what you are grateful for at this Thanksgiving holiday time.

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  1. Kathy Barnes
    Kathy Barnes says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Mornings are definitely the best, and we love Morgan so much. Thank you for all the posts and thoughtful words throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving to your family and may God bless you all. Love your friends, Kathy and Honey Sunshine

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:


      Thank for your kind words and all your support. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, also. I know this is a tough time for you. We all miss Dusty and hold him in our thoughts.

      Warm Hugs,

      • Kathy Barnes
        Kathy Barnes says:

        Thank you Dan for thinking about us at Thanksgiving. Praying for you and your family to have a blessed Thanksgiving. Again, thank you so much for caring. I know you know how much I miss my Dusty.

  2. Mary Clifton
    Mary Clifton says:

    Just wanted to say hi and wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving. My four goldens, three are rescues, and I live opposite the San Jacinto peak. My most recent rescue was dumped at the edge of town his feathers are matted together. However, like your Morgan, he overflows with golden love for everybody he comes into contact. He has been a wonderful addition to our family in Hemet.

  3. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    I work with Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta and have fostered over 30 dogs and am on my 6th that I’ve known were mine since the minute I saw them. What joy they’ve brought throughout my life. This Thanksgiving we’ll have 12 adults, 6 children, 2 labs, 2 goldens, and 1 golden doodle. How great can life get?


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