Does Your Dog Like the Water?

The dog days of summer are fast coming to an ending. Soon, Labor Day will be a memory. Franklin and his dads have been making the most of the hot weather and getting into the water as often as possible. There’s been a prolong drought happening here on Cape Cod, so we’ve been cooling off by the shore nearly every day. We’ve paid a lot of attention to the tide charts for Provincetown Harbor and Buttermilk Bay, the two places where we’ve spent most of our time swimming this summer.

People on the beach always stop and watch us as we toss the ball using our “chucker” as far out as safely possible. Franklin barrels through the water like a torpedo swimming as fast as he can. He loves being in the water and we love watching him swim.

I’ve always enjoyed letting my dogs play in the water. In fact, when my first Golden, Nicholas, had all his puppy shots, we went straight to the beach. Luckily, in Coastal California, beach time can be all year long. I just loved seeing him wet, looking like a seal. When Willy came into my life we were living along the Russian River and we couldn’t wait for our daily swim and ball fetching games. We all remember how Morgan swam up and down the Pacific Ocean, Naples, Rehoboth Beach, Maine, and of course, Cape Cod. Now Franklin has joined them as our current water boy. It’s such good exercise. When he arrived at our back door he weighed ninety-five pounds. But now he’s lost all that extra weight and there isn’t an ounce of fat on him. When he’s wet and his long fur is damped down, he looks so lean, like a racehorse.

Dog lovers always come over to share stories about their dogs and the water. Of course, not all dogs like the water. Loki, my brother’s young dog, who we’ve been babysitting, only goes into the bay up to his belly. Then he runs back onto shore.

Tell us a story about your dog and water.

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  1. Barb Gulbish
    Barb Gulbish says:

    Love ur Blog! Guys My passed away in June! Her name was EmmaRose! She was 15 1/2. She didn’t enjoy swimming. She tolerated a bath!!Glad Franklin is very healthy now!!

  2. Bill H.
    Bill H. says:

    Such great info & stories about your Goldens & they sure do love water! Nothing like a Golden Franklin…wonder how he’ll like the snow!? Bet he will….
    Stay well & hope your drought ends soon…we are fortunate so far here about the rain!
    Take care,
    Bill Hronek

  3. Stephen Perkins
    Stephen Perkins says:

    Tiffany, a papered but neutered red Golden had the signature white blaze on her chest. Some said that meant she would be a handful. They weren’t far off the mark. Whenever we’d visit anyone with a pool Tiff was right in there, sometimes invited. She was the catalyst for many road trips up the California coast, from Summerland to Big Sur. We took bets on who would last longer – my stick-tossing arm or her swimming, even in gnarly surf! The devil in her spirit was delightful, but always listened to her dads. An obedience class instructor pointed to us and said, “You, with the Golden, really minimize your praise when she does something right, otherwise she’ll be all over the place.’ And he was right. Training her on our potty walks, when she finally ‘got’ stay and come and down commands with hand gestures only! i was one over-the-moon, proud puppy papa.

  4. Larry Barmash
    Larry Barmash says:

    Wonderful story to read. Only one of our many Goldens loved to go in the water, haha. The others played around the ocean and barked at it. Imagine living right near the beach and seeing that

  5. Felix
    Felix says:

    I always enjoy reading the adventures of you and your dogs. I’m happy to learn that Franklin is now buff!
    We;’ve had many dogs over the years, and not a one has enjoyed being in the water.

  6. Tom Ruiz
    Tom Ruiz says:

    We have a Min Pin that hates the water. He runs downstairs when he thinks he’s going to get a bath. :). I didn’t know you lived by Russian River

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      A Min Pin? What kid of a dog is that? Some dogs are like that. Mine hated baths. Yes, I had a home on the river for twenty years. I loved it. In Monte Rio.

  7. Barbara Cloyd Moore
    Barbara Cloyd Moore says:

    Goldie loves water as we have a pond and a doggie swimming pool! Love the photos of Morgan and Franklin!


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