Life on the Golf Course

Not in a hundred years could I have seen myself living on a golf course.  And I never expected to be grateful that I do. High season in Palm Springs starts in January when all the movie stars show up for the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, which we annually attend. Over the years we’ve been fortunate to meet Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, Ron Howard, Helen Hunt and Tom Bosley, to name a few.

This past festival (pre-covid), we were lucky enough to find a place to stay right on the Tahquitz Golf Course as everything was sold out. We were familiar with the golf course. Our longer-time friends and followers may remember that we started coming to here with Morgan and Angel Cody when it got too hot to hike up into the surrounding mountain trails. On the green grass the temperature for our evening walks was several degrees cooler and we often ran into the rain showers of the sprinkler systems which cooled the boys off even more.

We had a fun January, with daily walks around the fairways filled with banana treats. During the afternoon we took in a film or two at the festival. Our favorite was Stage Mother – a hilarious comedy about a Texas church choir director inheriting her late son’s drag queen club in San Francisco. Another favorite of mine was Miss Fisher’s Crypt of Tears from Australia. It’s based on the Netflix series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. I was looking forward to the premiere and was surprised to see the theater packed with devoted fans dressed up in 1920s flapper costumes.

On January 30, as we were packing to vacate, Morgan stopped walking, literally stopped walking. We came home from a late afternoon outing and he just lay on the floor and wouldn’t move. We rushed him to our vet who refused to give Morgan additional shots. He told us they weren’t helping him anymore and there was nothing else he could do for my Golden boy. He advised us to make arrangements.

We decided it was best to extend our stay in Palm Springs for what we thought were going to be Morgan’s final days.

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  1. Carole Sherr
    Carole Sherr says:

    Morgan knows he is so special that he deserved a chariot aka a wagon for traveling while in Palm Springs. A golf cart would not suffice…

  2. KathyBarnes
    KathyBarnes says:

    Handsome sweet Morgan is such a happy boy. I’m sure he loves his wagon rides. He has such wonderful Dads. I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Jennifer Mahon
    Jennifer Mahon says:

    I love your blogs Dan! It’s too bad your Vet made that call to end Morgan’s injections. If it helped Morgan get around easier I can’t fathom why he would make that call. Clearly Morgan had more life in him and he’s proving him wrong. He seems happy and looks content being pulled along for your strolls. I’m sure you and James are thankful for this extra time with Morgan and hope you are all enjoying your extended stay in Palm Springs.

  4. Rita Zabarauskas
    Rita Zabarauskas says:

    So how is he doing now? Can he walk any more? How about a specialist? I have been in my own world for a bit. I apologize if everyone but me knows what is wrong except for me. I’m praying!!!

  5. Betsy
    Betsy says:

    Love the story. You’re a great writer, Dan. I am glad that you, Morgan and James are in a quiet and peaceful place. I hope and pray that Morgan is comfortable, continuely.


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