Thankful & Grateful on the Golf Course

Hello friends. It’s Morgan. My Dad is letting me write this year’s Thanksgiving blog. First and foremost, I’m grateful for my Dads and how they take care of me. Especially since my legs have gotten weaker. I love my wagon-walks so very much. I’m also grateful that we’re remaining in Palm Springs for the winter. It’s so much more convenient for our walks than when we were living in LA. At our apartment in the city my Dads had to carry me up and down three flights of stairs which wasn’t easy as I’ve gotten a little wider as I’ve grown.

I’m also thankful the election is over and my Dads have stopped obsessing and bickering about it. My Dads always get wound up about elections but this year it was insufferable. I’m grateful that we’re now in a time of healing.

I’m thankful that there might be a vaccine soon. I feel sad about all the people who have been sick and have lost their lives. But it also means hopefully I will get to take walks again with my Golden pals, Rocky and Samson. I miss them both.

As I write this I’m sitting out on the front patio in the shade. The temperature is a mild 79 degrees. I’m grateful that the heat has released its grip. Soon we’ll be able to take some of our walks in the afternoon.

As I’m now in my senior years, or my Golden years as I like to tell people, I’m thankful for the very handsome undercover FBI agent who moved in two units down from us. I feel so much safer with Vincent around. Not that it’s an unsafe neighborhood, mind you, but you never know when something might happen. I’m sleeping much more restful with the law close by.

I am grateful that my Dads adopted “Ferris the Turkey” this year. See his picture below. He is quite the “Hot Shot.” But I am not grateful that we are having Tofurky for Thanksgiving – again. If anyone has any leftovers, donations are accepted.

My Thanksgiving Prayer is that all animals have food on this day of thanks and giving. And may they find their fur-ever homes like I did.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. June Kaufman
    June Kaufman says:

    Hey handsome Morgan. You & your dads have a Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t let your dads over stuff you & feed you too much. Enjoy the soon to be cool days & nights, I sure am.
    Love you sweet Morgan

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      Thanks for the kind words June. We are enjoying the cool weather. It’s nice to be out in daylight. Happy Thanksgiving to you ad Cashew and your whole family.

      Hugs and love always,
      Dan and Morgan

  2. Casey Criste
    Casey Criste says:

    Dear Morgan,, I feel the same about Tofurkey so I might send out a care package to tide you over while your humans eat so nutritiously! Give my love to your dads and Happy Thanksgiving. — Casey

  3. Edna Miller
    Edna Miller says:

    What a beautiful blog. I have never followed a blog before and Morgan, yours is beautiful. You and dads have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. KathyBarnes
    KathyBarnes says:

    Handsome sweet Morgan, I am thankful for the friendship of your wonderful Dads and SugarMoonbeam and all my furbabies pray that all the animals have food and shelter and someone to love them. That is our Thanksgiving prayer.

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      Thanks for those kind words and prayer Kathy. I value our growing friendship. Wishing you and your clan a very Happy Thanksgiving.

      Love to you always,
      Dan, Morgan and James

  5. Larry Barmash
    Larry Barmash says:

    Great job Morgan. Thanksgiving is more appreciated than ever this year for all. Safe and sound Celebration, from the Caped Crusaders


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