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  1. Jennifer Mahon
    Jennifer Mahon says:

    I love your shirt, Dan! What a great idea with the toys. I think we will donate a few to our local animal shelter as well. Morgan is looking quite svelte and so handsome in his Santa hat. . Happy Holidays!

    • Dan Perdios
      Dan Perdios says:

      My new favorite Christmas shirt! It’s a good idea Jennifer. We usually do it at New Year’s, but with the move imminent we did it early.Happy Holidays to you and Scott and he kids.

  2. joni cipollone
    joni cipollone says:

    What a great thing to do for all the shelter dogs. I’m sure they will be so happy to have something fun to play with. Morgan and his Dad are so thoughtful and caring. Merry Christmas to you two!!

  3. Kathy Barnes
    Kathy Barnes says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for the shelter animals. Thank you Dan and Morgan for your thoughtfulness and kindness.


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