Dogs Bring Us Together

Yesterday we went to a wedding in Malibu. It was a small intimate affair. We didn’t know many of the other guests.  The view of the ocean was spectacular. We all talked about our favorite beaches along the coast. I mentioned the dog beach just to the north of the restaurant where the reception was taking place that we have always taken my Goldens to and suddenly everyone was talking about their dogs. The groom, who has had a stroke, shared about how important his Jack Russell has been to him. Another woman asked me what kind of dog I had. When I mentioned a Golden she jumped out of her chair and ran over with her cell phone to show me pictures of her Golden. Of course I had plenty of my own of Morgan. It turned out both of our dogs were rescued from the south LA  area.  Other attendees took out their cameras with pictures of their families. Our dog interactions gave all of us something in common other than knowing the grooms and we felt like we knew each other just a bit more. When we left we all embraced in a way that we might not have.

Photo of Jack Russell found on flickr

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  1. Felix
    Felix says:

    So true, Dan! Are there more dog people out there than ever before or are is there some magnetic force uniting us? No more time to comment because I have to walk Alvin.

  2. Scott
    Scott says:

    Dogs definitely bring us together! Following the reception, and after we’d adjourned to another location, our dogs continued to be a topic of conversation. One guest told us all about her two – a rescued Yorkie and a Weimaraner. She says the Yorkie is the boss of the Weimie (not surprising) and that the Yorkie loves to swim in the ocean. Another guest continued to tell us tales of her much-loved Golden. As Will Rogers famously said, “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. I completely agree.


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