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Top Ten Reasons To Get a Golden

  1. He is an ideal companion and pet. He will follow you, love and amuse you all day and every day.
    “You are graciously allowed to share your home and family with him – you will throw a ball and fall over his other one and watch him laugh at your clumsiness.”
  2. He is a born sportsman. He will hold his own in retrieving a bird for you.
    “He will chase all pet cats, birds and dogs from his exclusive territory (which is as far as the eye can see). He will also show his canny ability to ‘weed’ your newly planted flower beds.”
  3. He is a born gentleman. His aloof dignity is above canine skylarking and petty yelping.
    “What he doesn’t want to see and doesn’t want to hear does not.”
  4. He is courageous to a remarkable degree and will stand up for his rights against any foe.
    “From behind a fence there is none braver.”
  5. He is odourless, always clean and easily housebroken.
    “You’d be odourless too from the daily washes made necessary because of finding delicious things to roll in – especially those country attractions (who loves cow manure?) Housebroken – well, know a good handyman?”
  6. He comes in several colors to suit your special taste, ranging from cream to deep gold.
    “They are like peanuts, you can’t just stop with one, and there is always that other colour to drool over.”
  7. He has a well-founded reputation for being rugged and strong. Equally at home in either cold or warm climates.
    “If it’s cold, he is right in front of the fire, if it’s hot, he will grab the spot in front of the air conditioner.”
  8. He asks only that he be with you, whether you live in a mansion or the most humble abode. He is at your side day and night and he will warn you of any strangers lurking about.
    “He is willing to share all you have. If you eat dog food, he’ll eat dog food. If you eat steak he’ll want steak. You couldn’t get rid of him if you wanted, and anybody stranger than you SHOULD be looked at. Furthermore, he’ll hold a torch for any burglar who comes looking.”
  9. He is most affectionate and delights in riding in your car or sleeping close to you if you will let him, but he is content with his own bed and a simple cover that he can pull over himself. Just to be near you and show his love for you is all he asks.
    “He is not stupid enough to let a good sucker out of his sight. People are such pushovers for the old ‘I love you, I love you’ routine. And bedcovers? Just there to be shredded.”
  10. He is a wonderful companion for your children and will take a lot of rough play and enter into the spirit of fun, for he is a born comedian. You can trust a Golden, for they have never been known to betray a confidence.
    “They love kids, the younger the better, children can be blamed for so much that the ‘innocent doggy’ couldn’t possibly have done. A golden will never write a tell-all unauthorized biography, but don’t leave your pot roast within reach.”

Sourced from the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria.

© Copyright - Rescued By Goldens - Dan Perdios