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Hot Cats On a Bun

It’s Morgan here and I’m having a “Grand Old” time here in San Francisco for the summer. As some readers know, we live in Palm Springs where it’s 108 today so to escape the heat we drive north to San Francisco every June where Mark Twain once wrote, “The coldest winter I ever spent was […]

How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Vacation

It’s June and the weather is heating up – well it’s been hot here in Palm Springs for some time but I know for the rest of the country it’s been a cold long winter. But as the Beatles sang – “Here Comes the Sun.” We’ve been planning our summer vacation for months. We’re heading […]

Come Back as a Golden Retriever

I can’t tell you how many times someone has watched the way I treated my Golden Retriever and said to me “I want to comeback as your Golden.” It makes me laugh but there’s a lot of truth to it, too. I confess I do treat my pet better than I treat other people. I’m […]

Does your dog sleep on the bed?

Recently, I posted a Facebook photo of Morgan on the bed. It was captioned as Do you let your dog on  the bed? It generated the most comments that I’d ever gotten. So I decided it warranted a blog of its own. As a boy I can remember my grandmother always trying to keep their Yellow […]

Morgan the Rescued Dog Rescues Injured Harbor Seal

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Morgan Mallard McGillicuddy

Top of the morning everyone. We’re in San Francisco, a city with a rich Irish history and a city fond of Golden Retrievers. According to the American Kennel Club, in 2013, Golden Retrievers were the second most popular dog in SF. Being surrounded by water on three sides gives it year round cool weather and […]

My Hairy Valentines

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my first dog, a Golden Retriever. It happened the night we brought him home. He was only eight weeks old and a little red ball of fur. It was just before Christmas so appropriately I named him Nicholas. I was in between jobs so […]

When Emergencies Strike Our pets Need Us the Most

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Our New Year’s Day Message

Now that I am older I just don’t enjoy venturing out into the chaos of New Year’s Eve – the crowded restaurants and clubs charging double and triple what it normally costs. The loud noise called music. Elbow to elbow with people I don’t know. But most importantly I can’t stand leaving Morgan all alone […]

Let Your Pet Keep Your Yuletide Bright

The holidays may be a time of joy, love, families, good food, gifts, warm fireplaces and snowy forests but along with that comes: Black Friday. Black ice. Blizzards. Sleeting rain. Traffic jams. Crowded malls. Slippery sidewalks. Travel delays. Colds and sneezy runny noses. Don’t let the second list overshadow the top one. The best way […]