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Truth or Dare

Truth I sing to my dogs!! And my singing voice is like a scratched record in 33 speed on one of those small old record players for kids. But I do it and I have fun. My first Golden, as some of you know, was Nicholas. Back in the 80s there was a song called, […]

The Times of Your Life

Forgive me that this title is a cliché, but the other day after I had the hole in my ear drum grafted closed by my most excellent ENT- Ear, Nose and Throat doc – an amazing woman with the best hands in the west. The surgery is something that I’d been waiting to do for […]

A Politics-Free Vacation

We’re heading out to Grandma’s house on Cape Cod tomorrow. My Dad says, “When you grow up in a large Italian-Irish-Greek working class family there’s a tendency to hold firmly to your views and speak loudly about them.” That’s what happened last summer when we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house at the beach. I […]

Getting Roundup Out of the Parks

Dan and Morgan were recently featured in Bay Woof, 6/1/2016. Recently we moved into our new apartment in Mission Bay. Our lease stated our amenities included a pet-friendly and eco-friendly environment. A map in the leasing office showed a park that would run along side our building and our new living room window would overlook it. […]

The Healing Nature of Our Pets

Whenever I’m worried or anxious I have several different ways that I handle it and two of them have always involved my Goldens. Of course walking with my dog has always been a great way for me to think things through. But the most healing way for me to feel better is to touch my […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Morgan

Everyone knows that there is no love greater than the love a mother has for her child. All of us can relate to this credo because we all have such incredible love for our canines and felines. However, let’s be honest, the relationship between parents and their children can have their ups and downs. But […]

Hiking with your best friend

Dan and Morgan were recently featured in The Desert Sun, 2/22/2016. This past Sunday morning I took Morgan and his best friend Cody, both Golden Retrievers, on a hike. We started behind Von’s in Palm Springs and headed up the goat trails towards Murray Peak.The rugged outcroppings and steep grades make it a true adventure. This […]

A Fearless Thanksgiving

Many of you are familiar with some of the challenges that come when rescuing an animal. When we first picked up Morgan, our Golden, from Golden Retriever Rescue of Los Angeles, he was skin and bones and full of fear. When we brought him home he was afraid of the steps that led up to […]

My Extended Summer Vacation

I heard Dad say that the weather in Palm Springs has become mild and now he’s getting the suitcases out so I know that we’ll be heading home soon. It’s been quite an amazing few months. It all started back in June when we visited my friend Skyler the Basenji in Santa Barbara. If you […]

Happy Yankee Doodle Dandy Day

I’m sure by now you all realize how much I enjoy dressing Morgan up to celebrate the holidays and July Fourth is one of my favorites. This is the time I always refer to him as my little Yankee Doodle Dandy. Of course it’s a term of endearment but was I surprised when I did […]